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About the system

How does the pneumatic postage system work?

There are several elements that contribute to our pneumatic postage system:

  • An air-tight network of transport pipes based on different pipeline diameters
  • Container switches that connect pipelines and direct them to selected stations
  • Blowers generating the appropriate air pressure or sub-pressure
  • Delivery and receiving stations
  • Main control computer and electronic steering systems as well as electronic control systems​

Blowers create sub-pressure or over-pressure in transport pipes, through which the previously selected containers are transported.

The container along with the transported material is inserted into the sending station and sent to the desired receiving place. The addressing of the parcels can commence manually or automatically.

Based on the received signals from the delivery station, the main control computer calculates the route for the container and at the same time sends control signals regarding the relevant devices, while the container with the specified content moves towards the receiving station. All is performed precisely and safely, at the desired speed.

In mail systems, we can transport small and light items weighing from 1 to several grams or even up to several kilograms, with a diameter of up to 28 centimeters and length of up to 0.5 meters, e.g. foil samples, paper, coins, banknotes, blood samples, medicine, spare parts, intermediates, documents, x-rays, hot steel samples, isotopes, metal samples, etc.

Pneumatic postage systems can operate in all conditions: inside and outside buildings, within horizontal and vertical layouts. Additionally, they can combine several buildings into one coherent system. Our systems connect objects and even streets that are far apart from each other. We are convinced that our solutions can be the right answer to your internal transport needs in your company.

Pneumatic mail in hospitals

The MEDI-SYSTIK hospital pneumatic postage system is an integral part of the Unit-Dose system – individualized doses of drug delivery and application. By means of pneumatic postage, a specific dose of a drug for a patient can be sent to the ward at a specific time for direct administration.

The most significant advantages of the system are lowering the costs of hospital operations through a modified purchase of pharmaceuticals, safe drug delivery, increased safety of their application, full identification of the given drug, easier identification of the cost of medicines for an individual patient and, above all, less burden on nursing staff.

Remote and local system operation control

We offer an advanced and user-friendly control program that easily configures and manages the system, either on site, or remotely. Thanks to it, one can remotely monitor operations and make changes to the postage system during its predefined operation.

The computer-based postage program allows access only to authorized personnel. The Track & Trace control software allows for tracking of shipments, full access to transmission statistics, event simulation mode for training and testing purposes, data export for reporting purposes and direct remote connection e.g. for service purposes.