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We are a certifed TELECOM distributor


We have prepared our offer for hospitals in cooperation with our partner – the Dutch company TELECOM (www.telecom.nl).

Telecom was founded in 1950, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is a fully specialized company in pneumatic postage systems. It has its own, in-house, development, production and service departments, which comprehensively deal with the entire system installation process from design through prototyping, production, installation and servicing.

At Telecom, internal customer logistics processes are optimized via pneumatic postage. We achieve this by combining full control over the project with an individualized approach to the clients and their needs.

Because of the fact that consulting, engineering, the installation and servicing are key to creating an efficient system, Telecom works with local and proven distributors who provide their services for over 12,000 customers in 45 countries. All distributors are verified every year in terms of technical knowledge, quality of consulting, assembly and maintenance services. All partners participate in the Telecom Partner Program and can rely on our training center and technical support.