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About us

Many years ago, the founders of SYSTIK set themselves the goal of creating an automatic transportation system that would not only improve the transmission of documents, samples or intermediates, but also increase the safety and comfort of work, while optimizing the costs.

In other words – they were looking for the fastest route to any destination.

The solution turned out to be automatic pneumatic post, which is safer, cheaper, faster and nearly silent compared to traditional transport.

Today, SYSTIK is the only company in Poland that specializes not only in the installation and servicing of automatic pneumatic postage systems, but also has its own innovative and patented solutions.

We manufacture and distribute unique containers for pneumatic mail and other solutions and materials for the security and improvement of internal transport within the company.

Our team is composed of experienced engineers, who possess numerous achievements in the broadly understood sphere of logistics. We realize orders from the stage of designing of the transport automation, through the delivery of equipment, to the implementation of the entire hospital, warehouse, industrial or other pneumatic mail systems and pipe lines, along with the delivery of solutions tailored to the individual needs of a specific customer.

We provide a guarantee for the installations delivered and assembled by us, the period of which is individually agreed upon with each client. We also provide comprehensive and professional post-warranty service.

Our clients cannot imagine working without our system.
Find out why!